WordPress, WooCommerce, Amelia, Paid Membership Pro, PHP, jQuery, CSS

Project brief

Clients partnered with Align to make a training program for orthodontists to improve their use of invisible aligners. They needed an appealing website that had all of the information for their future attendees, but also :

  • Having the attendees pay for their training sessions online,
  • Give attendees access to courses content in their private area once the training (made in person) was made,
  • Have a special access for their assistants to manage attendees.

After six months of being in use, and a few issues were brought up by users, a second version was decided. I was tasked to make the UX research on how to make the whole process easier for people who have a very very small understanding of digital tools.


  • Install WordPress + WooCommerce + Amelia Calendar
  • Create appealing high end responsive website
  • Create different backends for clients & for internal CRM use
  • Upgrade website use from V1 to V2 (with less user actions needed, and simplified backend for assistants to manage training sessions inscriptions)


  • Dr Julien Godenèche
  • Dr Cyril Fiacre
  • Align Technology